Holiday in Sicily: Mazara del Vallo and Marsala

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Sicily, one of the most popular holiday destinations for Italians, between beautiful beaches and incredible monuments, offers many destinations not to be missed.

Petrosino, this town in the province of Trapani, overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.
Its location is idele for those who are looking for a B&B in Sicily near the sea.

A favourite destination for seaside holidays in Sicily is Capo Feto, 4 km from our facility.

Other destinations not to be missed are Mazara del Vallo and Marsala, which are important for the number of monuments in the historic centre.

at 4 km


Capo Feto

A true natural paradise, a nature reserve, now an ecosystem rich in flora.
Here the sea reaches shades ranging from green to light blue, making the landscape similar to the Caribbean.

at 6 km


Beach Tonnarella

One of the most beautiful in Mazara del Vallo.
Turquoise sea, fine sandy bottom, here you can find free and equipped beaches, real bathing establishments.
Tonnarella Beach, is also a popular meeting point for tourists visiting the Sicilian region and locals.

Accessible only by excursions and ferries


The Egadi Archipelago

A natural setting with Mediterranean colours, surrounded by a crystal clear sea.
It is located a few miles from Trapani and consists of the three major islands of Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo, plus the islet of Formica and the rock of Maraone.
Accessible by excursions, hydrofoils in the area.

Historic Centre

Mazara del Vallo

A unique combination of art and centuries-old traditions.
Rich in history, in the past for centuries different peoples and civilisations ‘Arabs and Normans’ have passed through, each leaving their own unmistakable mark. Mazara del Vallo since antiquity has always been regarded as a port city, famous for its maritime trade. Today, its churches, convents and monasteries make it a reference point for Sicilian Baroque.

Historic Centre


The city of Expedition of the Thousand by Giuseppe Garibaldi is best known for its unmistakable wine.
Art, curture e natural beauty circondano questa città.
Worth visiting are the cathedral, il arazzi museum and the wonderful beachessalt pans of the stagnone.

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